Mineola-Pacific Lodge #125 New York

The brothers of Mineola-Pacific Lodge #125 have sadly reported the sale of their building.  They were forced into sale as the property taxes exceeded $55,000.00 per year.  Although the membership worked hard on maintaining the funding required to operate the building the tax had finally taken its toll.  According to them State and Local governments don't want to have fraternal organizations around anymore since they can't get any tax reform. 

This issue strikes hard to the core of many of our Oddfellow lodges across the United States.  Although a shame,  our New York brothers have the crust to get back on their feet.  We sincerely wish them the best from Century Lodge and all the Rebirth Lodges. 

 Congratulations to Brother Carmine Manzolillo on completing a successful year as Grand Master of the State of New York. 

 Congratulations also to Brother Richard Backofen for his appointment as District Deputy Grand Master of Nassau District.  Brother Richard has always been a pivotable member of Mineola Lodge.

Congratulations to Brother Vinny Bila, formerly of Mineola Lodge #125, in honor of his elected position as Grand Warden for the State of Florida.




Poker Run 2006

CenturyPokerRun8-20-06007rSunday August 20th, 2006 Century Lodge #492 held our annual Poker Run.   The weather was as awesome as was the attendance.  Participants began to gather at the sign up location, the infamous Penny Road Pub.   special thanks to the owner Dave and his staff for making this location once again home base.  Participants kept rolling in, signing up and getting that all important map and first card.  First bikes out were on the road at 11 am.  The first stop was at the Campground clubhouse west of Marengo, Il.  As the participants pulled in it was amazing to see to the parking lot jammed full of motorcycles.  After getting a refreshment and a card it was off to Clausens Bar in Union, Il.CenturyPokerRun8-20-06018r  As you can see by the picture below that the party was on a roll.  Once again everyone grabbed a refreshment and a card.  By now I had 3 tens and though I was going to be in the money.  After this we were off to JB's Bar and Grill in Elgin for another card and refreshment and from there back to Penny Road Pub for the last card, raffles, prizes, entertainment and of course the big raffle.  That raffle prize was a 2006 Harley Davidson FXDBI Dyna Street Bob.  There were over 450 motorcylces and 1000 raffle tickets sold.  Everyone wants to be the winner of this fine prize.  Unfortunatley only one lucky person would take home this $15,000 prize.  I must give Brother George from Mineola Hemsptead lodge in New York a special thanks for selling 50 tickets out his way.  Well with everyone having a great time and listening to great music supplied by Bob Panec, special thanks once agian, it was time to draw the ticket everyone was waiting for.Butterball,EricBentelyBikeWinner,BJ,Robbie2006r  Eric Bentely pictured in the white tee shirt with the big smile on his face was the winner.  Eric just purchased his first bike two months prior and this was his first big event.  By the way Eric road up from the Indianapolis area just to participate.  We were very happy for Eric and he actually came to our next meeting and thanked us. We think Eric will be back next year!  to Erics right is Brother Larry "Butterball" Clavel PG and to his left is Brother John "BJ" Goldberg PG and Brother Rob Bakes PG.  With that being said there were plenty of other winners of cash prizes and gifts.  Fun was had by all. Special thanks for those bar owners that let us overtake their establishment for an hour or so.  Thank you to all the participants, because of your participation we were able to raise over $10,000.00 for Oddfellow Charities.  We will look forward to seeing you at our next big event!!! Thank you so much for your ongoing support.  Your donations go right back to those in need.

Century Lodge #492

Over the years many men have passed through the doors and have become members of the Independent Order of Oddfellows calling Century Lodge #492 their home lodge. The membership all takes on the same goals; visit the sick, relieve the distressed, bury the dead and educate the orphan. The members over the years have become deeply embedded and well recognized in the surrounding community by our humanitarian and philanthropical aid in the name of Oddfellowship. On November 4th, 2000 Century Lodge #492 received a plaque from the Mayor of Carpentersville for 100 years of dedication to community service.


September 9th, 1992 Century Lodge began a new course. New recruits met with a group of four open minded older brothers looking for new members willing to accept the duties of an Oddfellow. The lodge became a Rebirth Lodge as it was truly reborn and since has become an "Incubator" of Rebirth Lodges locally and across the country. The older open minded Oddfellows of Century Lodge became know and respected by the new members as the "Gatekeepers". It is unfortunate that since 1950 all fraternal organizations have seen a very heavy decline in membership. Illinois at one time had 1017 lodges across the state, in 1992 there were 116 lodges and presently there are 71 lodges left in Illinois. Century Lodge has since been one of the most dedicated and successful lodges in the US responsible for increasing membership not only in our lodge but in the so many that need asistance and are willing to accept our open hand. We consider it an honor to be members of this order.


 We are very proud of the fact that due to our intersection with this order, in our area alone there are 7 rebirth lodges, there is a meeting at a rebirth lodge every week night. Every night of the week some type of relief is being offered to someone, a family or a cause in need. Most every weekend of the year there is a fundraiser or some function for the purpose of relief within these rebirth lodges.

Century Lodge is always open to those looking to find a platform for giving. The hand of an Oddfellow is always extended to our fellow man . Collectively we are all stand alone men standing together dedicated to doing our part to make a difference in this world in the name of Oddfellowship.

The Independent Order of Oddfellows was founded in 1819 by our founder Thomas Wildey and 4 men that together thought they could make a difference. Century Lodge #492 and all the rebirth lodges carry on that tradition. Since 1819 Oddfellowship has spread to 29 countries with over 250,000 dedicated members worldwide.