Hickman Family Benefit / Sycamore #105

  The Jeff Hickman Family benefit sponsored by the Sycamore Lodge #105 Oddfellows was held Sunday September 17th. The event was held at the Winners Circle bar located next to Sycamore Speedway on RT 64. A ttendance and support poured out from family and friends to Oddfellow Lodges and Associate Members from Northern Illinois to Southern Wisconsin. There was also a good showing of support from Rebekah lodges from the same areas.

  Thankfully the sunshine held out until later in the day. With an outstanding menu that included a  pig roast, awesome rotisierie chicken and every type of side fixin and desert you could want to eat… everyone totally enjoyed the chow! There was an auction that include two motorcycles and a line up of items ranging from new wormdrive skilsaws to plasma televisions. Entertainment was outstanding from bands to bag pipes and 50/50 raffles to raffling off a look up the bagpipe players kilt a great time was had by all.

  The event raised over $20,000.00 that will be given to the Hickman family. Hospital bills have currently surpassed $500,000 and is climbing as Jeff still remains in a coma. Our hope and prayers are with the family and our brother Jeff. Oddfellows don’t forget Oddfellows. Thanks to all and to the determination of Jeff’s rebirth home lodge, Sycamore #105 and its dedicated members for a successful event.

  On Sycamore Lodge #105’s July Poker Run Jeff and his wife Laura were on the lead motorcycle traveling down the road at 60 mph when a deer jumped out in front of them and took them both off the bike.  Thankfully Laura is healing well from her wounds, however, Jeff sustained substantial head wounds and still remains in a coma.

  Anyone wishing to donate additional financial assistance for the Hickman Family can simply mail your donation to Century Lodge #492, 50 1/2 Main St., Carpentersville, IL 60110 and at the bottom of the envelope write In Care Of Hickman Family…we will see that your generous donation gets to the family. 


How To Become a Member

1.) Research the order.  Information is in every library and all over the internet

2.) Attend lodge dinners and functions so you have the opportunity to get to know the members and see first hand some of the benevolent programs we are involved in.

3.) Visit other Oddfellow Lodges in the area. 

4.) Keep in mind you are considering joining a world wide fraternal order.

5.) Consider the time you have to offer.  Oddfellows are Oddfellows 24/7 365.

6.) If after you have contemplated the above and wish to proceed you will need a sponsor.  If you don`t personally know someone in the lodge and wish to join and have made your intention to become a member clear then one will be appointed for you.

7.) This becomes your official start.  You will be educated on what is expected and you will be asked to be invovled in various lodge functions and activities as well.

8.) When your sponsor feels confident you have gained the knowledge to make a well informed decision on joining the order, your sponsor will let the lodge know and the members will vote on you at a regularly scheduled meeting.

9.) If the vote is favorable you will be brought to the next initiation and start a life long journey of helping your fellow man and expanding your fraternal relations with the world.





 I believe in the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man.

 I believe in Friendship, Love and Truth as basic guides to the

ultimate destiny of all mankind. I believe my home, my church

or temple, my lodge and my community deserve my best work,

 my modest pride, my earnest faith and my deepest loyalty as I

perform my duties to: Visit the Sick, Relieve the Distressed,

Bury the Dead and Educate the Orphan, and as I work with

 others to create a better world because, in Spirit and in Truth, I

am, and must always be, Grateful to my Creator, Faithful to my

Country and Fraternal to my Fellow Man.