Odd Question Popped/Brother Nick Caruso

Sir Nick Caruso, Century Lodge Oddfellow, in front of a full house of strangers enjoying the gala at Meidval Times unexpectedly pops the question to his beautiful Queen Sarah, daughter of Oddfellow Bill LaToria,



Obviously overjoyed and deeply in love please pass on your congratulations to this soon to be married Odd couple!!!!!


United Nations Pilgrimage for Youth

United Nations Pilgrimage for Youth

The United Nations Pilgrimage for Youth has been a project of our Order since 1950.  Delegates are sponsored by individual lodges and must be 16 or 17 years of age.  This is an opportunity for each lodge to participate in the order and make a strong impression on the youth that becomes our representative, his or her friends and family as well as the community to which they belong.

There are two tours.  One being the New York tour that includes tours of the United Nations Building, Empire State Building, Liberty Island, Ellis Island and educational workshops at the United Nations.  The second is the East Coast tour with stops in Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Gettysburg, Niagra Falls and Ottawa.

For more information consult your local lodge or go to: