Odd Question Popped/Brother Nick Caruso

Sir Nick Caruso, Century Lodge Oddfellow, in front of a full house of strangers enjoying the gala at Meidval Times unexpectedly pops the question to his beautiful Queen Sarah, daughter of Oddfellow Bill LaToria,



Obviously overjoyed and deeply in love please pass on your congratulations to this soon to be married Odd couple!!!!!



  On July 13th Jamestown Lodge #352 of Arkansas was formally reinstated as a rebirth lodge after being closed for many years.  Brother Ken Palikij from Ben Hur Rebirth Lodge #870 accepted the assignment of riding 8 hours to represent the rebirth lodges here in Illinois and Wisconsin.  Brother Ken was met by Grand Master and brother of the great state of Arkansas Chuch Alt.  This Grand Master is a go getter and is working very very hard to reestablish lodges across his state.  Brother Ken attended the ceremony and offered words of congratualtions and encouragement to the new members that are willing to accept the responsibilities and duties of reestablishing a rebirth lodge.  The brothers of Century Lodge are having rebirth lodge shirts made up and will be sent out in the beginning of October as an offer of congratulations and support.