R.I.P. Lenore Elizabeth Stevens mother of Brother Norman Depew and Sister Bev Bakes

Brother’s & Sister’s,

We are sad to report that Brother Norman DePew and Sister Beverly Bakes Mother Lenore Elizabeth Stevens passed to Heaven April 6th after her struggle with Cancer, she was 91 years young. Please keep our Brother Brother Norman his wife Helen and Sister Bev her husband Brother Robby as well as their whole families in your thoughts and Prayer’s.

Update on Brother Ron Mabe

Brother Ron Mabe was Hospitalized on

Friday March 11th With some Heart

problems, he will be having a angio plasti

Done on Monday, please keep him and his

family in your thoughts And prayers,

Brother Ron is at new Sherman Hospital

on Randall Rd. Room 2-1121



Update on Brother Ron, Wednesday the 16th

Ron had two stint’s put in his heart on Monday the 14th

was released from hospital tuesday evening and

is resting at home.


Sister Judie Colliander

Monday, February 21, 2011, 2:50 AM

Just a update on Judie.
On Friday evening Judie suffered another stroke, it looks like another TIA. This was very scary when while sitting at the kitchen table playing Yahtzee with her friend Kathy she complained of pain in her left arm and then paralysis set in on her left side. She could no longer speak and the drooling set in. Fire department personnel acted very swiftly in transporting her the hospital even crossing railroad tracks when the crossing gates were coming down. She was responsible for a "stroke response" at the hospital which means like on TV the medical personal were waiting outside when they arrived. After what seems like every possible test could be administered no cause could be found.
She appears to have suffered no permanent paralysis and is now at home as her same wonderful self with further testing this week. Even as I write this she is back to the kitchen table with her Yahtzee pal Kathy.
It was decide that once this was no longer looking life threatening no was to be told as to not create undue stress for her.
Please don’t be mad at me for not keeping everyone informed.