Oddfellow / Rebekah Support Programs

Oddfellows…who are they?  Rebekahs…never heard of them.  If you had similar answers you belong to the vast majority of folks.  The Independent Order of Oddfellows has been helping our fellow man since 1819.  People that know what the Oddfellows and Rebekahs do as a Family Fraternity are usually the ones that have been touched by our order.  With that being said,  here are a few of the things our order does:

  • Endow a $1.2 million research chair at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.
  • Provide scholarships and low interest loans to deserving college students through a $2.8 million Educational Loan Foundation.
  • Maintain more than 150 facilities for the aged and youth.
  • Sponsor an educational tour to the United Nations in New York also the U.S. and Canadian capitals for young adults from around the world.  
  • Spend $300 million in annual relief.
  • Raised more than $4 million in eleven years for Arthiritis Research.
  • Plant trees and other vegetation, striving to combat the effects of Global Warming as a gift to future generations.  As of to date the order is responsible for the palnting of over 8 million trees.
  • Provide activity meeting space for Scouting Troops, School Clubs and otherYouth activities.
  • Share and Care by fundraising for the less fortunate children and senoir citizens in the community.
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